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Boris Johnson ‘attended No 10 lockdown-breaking party’ with 100 Downing Street staff invited

More than 100 staff members at 10 Downing Street were invited to a party breaking the blockade in Garden 10 and told to “bring their own sake.”

Revelation puts new pressure on Boris Johnson, who refused to say whether he attended, but sources said. Independent He was “hanging out” with the staff for at least an hour when they knocked back the drink.

The party was held on May 20, 2020. This is because England has escaped from the still strict first Covid blockade and outdoor meetings with multiple others are still banned.

On Monday evening, the Metropolitan Police Department said it was “in contact” with the Cabinet Office on alleged violations of Health Protection Regulations No. 10 on May 20.

It also happened 5 days after another party. There, the Prime Minister and his wife were portrayed with an official holding wine and cheese in the garden. Independent.

According to sources Independent During the blockade, there were no more 10 rallies that had not yet been revealed. The investigation of the event is being conducted by senior civil servant Sue Gray.

According to ITV News, the leaked email was sent by Mr. Johnson’s chief secretary, Martin Reynolds, to more than 100 employees in Downing Street.

The email states: After an incredibly busy time, take full advantage of the nice weather and have a socially distant drink in Garden 10 tonight. Please join us from 6 pm and bring your own sake. “

About 30-40 staff members, including Mr Johnson and his wife, Carrie, were present, the broadcaster said.

One hour before the rally, Prime Minister Oliver Dowden told the public at a press conference:

On the same day, the Metropolitan Police Department is allowed to enjoy the weather to the general public on social media feeds, but “on its own”, “with people living with”, or “only with you and one other person”.

Dominic Cummings, the former prime minister’s adviser, had already urged senior civil servants to investigate the rally.

When asked about the event, following Cummings’s allegations last week, Johnson refused to say whether he attended the party on May 20 and was responsible for investigating rule violations on various occasions. Sue Gray claimed to be investigating the issue.

“As you know, it’s all subject to proper investigation by Sue Gray,” he said. Faced with the subject, he repeated: “It’s all the subject of Sue Gray’s investigation.” No 10 people were denied reports that Reynolds would be transferred from his current position.

Source also said Independent There was “more parties” that would be revealed if Ms. Gray “gets the information she should get”. However, they added that it was “very wrong” for the authorities to be “responsible” when the Prime Minister approved their actions.

“He [the parties].. He encouraged people to drink and drink for themselves. And for No 10, it was clearly not true to suggest that there was nothing that could be explained as follows: [a party]”They said,” It was shocking that they even tried to claim it. “

These events were at 10 indoors and outdoors, adding several times that they were “definitely not a work meeting.”

Most of the events were smaller than the May 20th rally, according to sources, but often included drinks in the garden, but when it got cold they moved into the store for light meals and pizza. did.

Cummings wrote in a substack blog last week:

Alongside one other Special Advisor to No10, the former No10 adviser claimed that the case “seems to violate the rules and should not happen.”

He added: I was ill and went home early that afternoon, and it is said that this event definitely happened. In my opinion, the official who organized this should have been removed that summer anyway because of his failure to Covid. I repeatedly said this to the Prime Minister. “

Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner responded by saying that Johnson “consistently showed that he did not consider the rules he had set for our others.” ..

“He’s trying to corrupt officials because of his own mistakes, but he’s in good shape with the way Downing Street and other governments run,” she said.

“When this party was held, the main frontline workers were working 24 hours a day to keep us all safe. People suffered loneliness and loss in unimaginable harsh conditions, the country. For the most part of our freedom was limited to every day.

“Workers welcomed Sue Gray’s investigation, but we need to make sure that this latest revelation, and other parties not yet revealed by the press investigation, are covered by her investigation. . “

Liberal Democratic Party leader Sir Ed Davey said the email leaked on Monday was “more evidence that the majority of people were obeying the rules, but the tenth were breaking the rules.” , Said he requested an interview with Ms. Gray. ..

“It’s a tooth kick for everyone who has made a lot of sacrifices during a pandemic, from those who couldn’t visit their loved ones in the hospital to nurses wearing bin bags as PPE.” He added.

We are asking for comments from Downing Street.



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