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Boris Johnson latest news: PM fails to discuss migrant crisis with Macron at G7

Boris Johnson claims voters are “absolutely tired of hearing about what I’ve packed”

Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron were unable to discuss the subject of thousands of people at risk of crossing the English Channel at the G7 Summit.

British and French leaders met at a summit in the Bavarian Alps, Germany, to talk about the geopolitical crisis, but not about the situation where more than 12,000 people have crossed the strait so far this year. It was.

When asked why the boat crossings were not discussed, Johnson’s official spokesman said, “There is a very important issue of geopolitical concerns to discuss, especially regarding the crisis in Ukraine.” ..

Meanwhile, the prime minister is facing a new bid to overthrow the prime minister’s seat after a large number of letters of no confidence have been submitted to the 1922 committee.

A new rebellion against the Prime Minister is said to have been triggered by his proposal that he plans to lead the country to the 2030s.

A former cabinet minister Telegraph: “Talking about the third term before winning the second is to take voters for granted. It usually doesn’t end well.”


Experts warn that the controversial Brexit law is “damaging in multiple ways.”

Analysts said the government’s controversial new Brexit bill was “divided, damaging in multiple ways, officially justified for flimsy reasons, and informally justified in a non-functional plan. Will be done. “

When the MP was preparing to discuss a bill aimed at unilaterally invalidating part of the Northern Ireland Protocol, David Henig, founder of the UK Trade Forum, suggested: .. I will return to the Government of Northern Ireland and the EU to drop my position in the negotiations. ”

“Neither is working, especially the British government is unreliable,” he added.

Andy GregoryJune 27, 2022 08:26


The UK’s Brexit bill “protects the interests of the single market,” the minister said.

According to George Eustice, the EU needs to be reassured that the single market will continue to be protected in the UK’s plans to tear part of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Environment Secretary told Sky News that it was “stupid” to start a trade war over controversial changes that the government plans to add to the post-Brexit trade deal in Northern Ireland.

“We are not violating the agreement, but clarifying how it should be interpreted,” Eustis said, saying the EU is causing a “circular” problem. He accused him of refusing to consider revisiting his negotiating obligations.

He rejected the proposal that Britain’s actions were illegal, adding: EU single market in the way we legislate. “

Parliamentarians will discuss legislation on the Protocol later today.

Andy GregoryJune 27, 2022 08:20


Boris Johnson went out for an early morning swim at Lake Ferchensee, near the Schloss Ermau Hotel, where G7 leaders gather in Germany.

The morning depression during the Prime Minister’s stay abroad caused the media to make various metaphors suggesting that his Prime Minister was “difficult to float” and “swimming against the tide” at home. ..

The Prime Minister is expected to use the meeting on Monday to continue calling for further support for Ukraine and international efforts to release the grain trapped by the Russian Navy blockade.

Andy GregoryJune 27, 2022 08:11


Boris Johnson is expected to disappear by the end of the year, Conservative Home’s deputy editor predicts

The idea that Boris Johnson can win the third season is “for the birds,” and he will leave Downing Street by the end of the year, suggests Henry Hill, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Conservative Home website. ..

“All prime ministers have to do this. The moment they go completely changes the dynamics, so they can’t say when they’re going,” he said. Talk TV.

“But I think it’s a bit silly for the Prime Minister in the position of Boris Johnson to talk about the third term. He just lost two seats in two completely different divisions of the political alliance, and for six months. We continue to extinguish the fire. Voter turnout has dropped considerably, “Hill added.

“I think many Tory lawmakers are trying to figure out if he can win the next election. Then he thinks he will win the next election for the bird.”

Asked if he believed Johnson would be in office until the end of 2022, he replied “no.”

Andy GregoryJune 27, 2022 08:03


“Bring it,” Starmer tells Johnson about early elections

When Boris Johnson insisted he was going to stay in Downing Street on the weekend, Sir Kia Starmer took advantage of Labor’s by-election victory in Wakefield to make his party ready for the general election. I tried to claim that I was there. upon. “

“The days when the prime minister and his acolytes were able to escape by breaking promises and laws and taking voters as impunity and deserved are over,” Sir Kiel wrote. observer.. “They are now facing a credible Labor Party, waiting for the government to have plans to meet the demands of the country.

“For months, Johnson has personally insisted that he hold an early election. My message to him is simple: bring it. The earlier the election, the more the country We will soon have a Labor government that will bring about the positive changes people are looking for, “he added.

“I know why the people I talked to in Wakefield feel such a new optimism because the Labor Party is back. That is, hope is back.”

Andy GregoryJune 27, 2022 07:49


Boris Johnson has “full support” of the Cabinet and claims Administrator of the Environment

Boris Johnson has the full support of the Cabinet, and Environment Minister George Eustice cites the fact that it is a “group government way of working.”

Following the resignation of Tory Chairman Oliver Dauden and new questions about his leadership after the prime minister’s fierce weeks of double defeat in the by-elections, Eustis told Sky News: Said. In the Cabinet, yes, we have full support.

“We work as a team. We have the support of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister has the support of us, we work together and have survived difficult times.”

Eustis said the defeat in the two by-elections was “extremely disappointing,” but Johnson’s senior minister emphasized that he would continue to work together to support him. That is what we all are focusing on. “

Andy GregoryJune 27, 2022 07:38


Britain’s plans to impose “illegal” steel tariffs create new clashes with the EU

Boris Johnson said he is considering extending steel tariffs, despite concerns that the move could break international rules and move to another major line with the EU.

The prime minister is reportedly planning to break the “protection” restrictions on steel imports from some developing countries and increase existing tariffs already imposed on China and elsewhere.

However, critics have warned that the move to increase tariffs will “violate” the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the EU ambassador to the UK has warned against any “protectionism”. Report that Adam Forest.

NamitashinJune 27, 2022 06:55


Johnson threatened to take legal action to delay the promised Covid investigation

Six months have passed since former Court of Appeal Judge Heather Hallett was elected to lead the investigation, and more than six weeks have passed since she recommended the mandate.

This delay is alleged to be a violation of the 2005 Investigation Act, which requires the government to announce the start date of the investigation “within a reasonable time” to appoint the chair.

Our Deputy Political Editor Rob Merrick Report: Report:

NamitashinJune 27, 2022 06:36


Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if the Tory 1922 Commission was “about his case,” Johnson argues.

Boris Johnson suggested that Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine earlier this year if he had a conservative backbencher committee “in his case” in 1922.

At the G7 Summit, the Prime Minister boasted to CNN that he had “a new mission for my party” after passing through a recent distrust resolution arranged by a powerful Tory Commission.

“I’m very happy … I have a higher percentage of congressional votes than at the beginning, so I’m very happy, we’re moving forward,” he said. He talked about the challenges of government forces.

“I think the great thing about democracy is that the leaders are being scrutinized. It’s good to say I’m back home. In my case there are people and people to argue. There is, “said Johnson.

NamitashinJune 27, 2022 06:31


Trouble Amnesty Plan “Protects IRA Terrorists”

Opponents say the government plans to protect a small number of veterans from prosecution and will effectively pass amnesty to IRA terrorists who have killed hundreds of military personnel.

They brought the point home by sending a letter to all British parliamentarians, including Boris Johnson, detailing the number of their members killed by Republican terrorists in the midst of trouble. increase.

The list includes victims of the Birmingham pub bombing and two children, Tim Parry and Jonathan Ball, who were killed in Warrington in 1993.

Read more about this report by Whitehole Editor Kate Devlin:

NamitashinJune 27, 2022 06:24



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