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Call of Duty Is Teaming Up With Attack On Titan For a New Event

Attack on Titan and Call of Duty are crossing in search of new item packs to become members of Warzone and Vanguard’s infamous expedition.

Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan: Levi Edition Bundle contains some new skins such as various weapons. Most important of these are Daniel Yatsu’s new skins, which give him Levi Ackerman’s split hairstyle, beige survey jacket, and white jabot collar.

Call of Duty War Zone and Vanguard January 2022 Update Gallery

Others included are:

  • The new finishing moves, MVP highlights, and highlight intros are based on the high-flying aerial slash operation used by the expedition against Titan.
  • An emblem decorated with the wings of the expedition.
  • Blueprints for three weapons: “Historia” designed for short range shooting and “Ymir Curse” medium to long range weapons with near zero vertical recoil. The third weapon blueprint is for a pair of dual wield knives that look exactly like the Titan Piercer blades used by members of Survey Corps.
  • The charm of a weapon designed to look like the infamous key of Eren Yeager’s basement.
  • A reference to the “One Hot Potato” sticker, the greedy and hungry character Sasha.

The new pack will be released on January 20th. Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 2 debuted last weekend and began the conclusion of a long-running anime franchise. Official IGN reviews call this “a brutal, destructive and exciting table setting.”

It’s also included in a new Call of Duty update coming out later today: a new operator named Isabella (the “Wild Rose” pack contains two new weapon blueprints), and with Sten. A new SMG gun described as a blend of Owen.

There is also an introduction to the Vanguard Zombie Season 2 story through “The Void,” a new part of the “Shinonuma” map. It teleports to some alternative dimension via the portal. While in the void, you play classic survival rounds and earn rewards every three rounds you survive. Players can choose to escape or survive at any point after three rounds. Earn 5,000 Essence Points for every 3 rounds you survive (and a sacrificial heart if you return to Stalingrad), and if you survive a total of 12 rounds, you’ll earn a perk that keeps your perks from falling below Tier 2 when you go down. I can do it. For the rest of the match. Treyarch is also teasing that players who survive longer than that may discover more about future storybeats.

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently facing new issues with invisible player skins. Meanwhile, Raven Software’s QA team and other Activision Blizzard employees will enter the fourth week of strike action.

Joseph Knoop is an IGN writer / producer / one hot potato.



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