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COVID-19: UK buys 4.25m extra antiviral courses as Omicron continues to sweep country | UK News

The UK has purchased an additional 4.25 million courses of antivirals for the NHS to help fight the Omicron variant of COVID.

The government said an additional 1.75 million courses of Merck Sharp and Dome (MSD) Molnupiravir will be available to treat the general public from early next year. Pfizer..

Antivirals are treatments used to treat people infected with the virus, but they can also prevent exposed people from getting infected.

COVID UK News Live: Follow the latest updates

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Boris Johnson has confirmed that no further COVID restrictions will be introduced in the UK before Christmas.

They are designed to target the virus in the early stages and prevent the progression to more serious or serious symptoms.

Health Minister Sajid Javid described the purchase as a “huge deal” and said patients across the country would benefit from antivirals over the next few months.

Come after Boris Johnson Announced yesterday People will be able to continue their Christmas plans The next few days.

However, he warned that more stringent restrictions could be introduced after December 25th.

Dr. Margaret Harris of the World Health Organization told Times Radio that people should recommend vaccination to their loved ones. Omicron It keeps rising.

When asked about the fact that one-third of London’s population was unvaccinated, she said there was a “small group of hardliners.”

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson said there were no more restrictions before Christmas

But did she get the jab when most people who hadn’t been vaccinated yet were “not the right day, their doctor didn’t have the vaccine, or they were shut up at home”? He said he didn’t know where to go. ..

“It is the responsibility of all of us to help those who have not yet been vaccinated find a way to get vaccinated. If that involves a long conversation with a worried relative, do it. . “

Dr. Harris also explained why WHO is advising people to “shrink” their celebration plans.

“There is certainly Christmas, and certainly enjoy that time. But make it smaller. Don’t go to large gatherings where lots of people come from here and there. In most cases there. There is a lot of communication going on, “she says. Said.

“So have a small gathering, know who is coming, ideally vaccinate everyone and take all precautions-best to have a well-ventilated space and open windows as much as possible. Do your best-we basically keep it small, be careful and make it happy. “

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) yesterday An additional 15,363 Omicron variants were recorded.So far, the national total has reached 60,508.

The latest figures also revealed that 897,979 additional vaccinations have been given in the last 24 hours. This means that a total of 29.8 million people nationwide have been vaccinated for the third time.



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