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Covid announcement: When will Boris Johnson give another update?

Boris Johnson has already been forced to introduce social restrictions to combat the new Omicron variants of the coronavirus, and the surge in infection numbers in January will eventually make them even more severe. You may be forced to do so.

The Prime Minister has already revived the mandatory mask wear in public transport, stores, cinemas, theaters and places of worship, asked citizens to work from home as much as possible, and issued NHS Covid Pass or Negative Immunochromatography. For events that include crowded venues and mass gatherings, which are the requirements for entry.

However, Johnson has so far stuck to his gun and refused to impose stricter restrictions in England so far, despite a record-breaking New Year’s infection, currently taking place on Monday, January 3rd. The “correct” course of action, which claimed that the “Plan B” measures being taken remain the same, added: “The progress of the whole country is to continue the way we are going.

“I’ll leave everything in the review course and review all the measures, but I think the combination of what I’m doing right now is correct.”

The prime minister said Britain would attack from Omicron without further action at a press conference from Downing Street next Tuesday night, despite several NHS trusts reporting a “serious incident” of staff shortages. He repeated his hope of being able to “survive.”

He had previously promised not to introduce further measures by the Christmas weekend, but concerns continue that it may still be needed to defeat Omicron, and government scientific advisers can do as much as they can to stop the spread. We will seek new restrictions sooner, endanger the economy and impose further restrictions on public freedom.

It is understood that the Prime Minister is waiting for more specific data on Omicron to become available and is waiting for the high number of cases to begin to be transformed into a wave of mass hospitalizations. He was accused of “dithering” by his opponent.

Meanwhile, more than 24 NHS hospital trusts have reported suffering from a “serious incident” of staff shortages, and non-urgent treatment needs to be postponed to address the crisis.

Daily statistics updates will take place tonight as usual, and we can expect to hear more from Johnson in the coming days as the country’s situation progresses.

The exact characteristics of the new strain of virus are not yet clear at this early stage of its development, but given its high infectivity, fears that it may soon deprive the delta mutant as the predominant strain of Covid-19. It has been.

In December, Johnson said the infectious “tsunami” could be destroyed on these coasts unless people adhere to current measures, pay close attention and obtain vaccine booster jabs as an urgent matter. Warned the general public.

Therefore, the deployment of third shots has been significantly expanded to include everything over the age of 18 to address the Omicron threat, putting further pressure on the NHS to manage them.

The move responds to the UK Health and Safety Agency’s findings that the two jabs do not provide strong protection against symptomatic infections from Omicron and that the current set of vaccines is less effective than that against Delta. It was done.

However, the same analysis also concluded that those who received the booster remained up to 70% protected, emphasizing the importance of getting a third shot as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, 246,780 confirmed cases have been recorded so far, with at least 75 deaths.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has declared a serious incident within the scope of the Omicron outbreak in the capital, and NHS England has announced that it is preparing for the highest level of emergency and returning to a Level 4 national incident. This is a national effort, not the response of medical services driven by the trust of individuals.

Only 60.1% of adults in the UK have received booster injections so far, but due to the high demand, the numbers should continue to rise rapidly as more people make reservations and roll up their sleeves.



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