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Covid latest news: Boris Johnson considering cutting isolation period to five days


Oris Johnson confirmed that the minister is considering reducing the period of self-quarantine for fully vaccinated people who test positive for Covid.

When asked about shortening the quarantine period from seven days to five days, the prime minister said, “We are looking at it.”

The Prime Minister told the broadcaster when he visited the Uxbridge vaccination clinic, saying:

“What we have to do is see science. We see it and act according to science.”

But he added, “We are constantly reviewing things because we are always guided by facts, science, and changing circumstances.”

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Liberal Democratic Party Leader: “There are no 10 blockade drinks”

Thank you for paying attention to today’s coverage of all coronavirus development throughout the day. This is all the coverage today. Tomorrow, we’ll bring you all the latest Covid live news.


More than 100 Downing St employees have been invited to blockade drinks, claim reports

Labor has accused Boris Johnson of ignoring “the rules he has set for the rest of us.”

The Prime Minister’s chief secretary, Martin Reynolds, sent an email asking more than 100 Downing Street employees to “bring their own drink” for a night rally, the ITV reported.

Reynolds said England should “make the most of sunny days” in May 2020, even though England was under strict Covid-19 restrictions.

The Prime Minister imposed the first blockade in Britain in March 2020 to fight Covid-19, allowing groups of up to six people to meet outdoors on June 1.

The email from Reynolds is about an alleged event on May 20, 2020.

When Dominic Cummings, a former senior aide to Johnson, said he warned that “drinks at social distance” were likely to violate the rules, 40 people were said to have attended the rally. The allegations have been revealed. “It shouldn’t happen.”


Surgeon: Scotland must ask what adaptations are needed to live with Covid

Nicola Sturgeon states that in order for Scotland to live with the coronavirus, it needs to ask itself, “What adaptations do we need to adapt to our pre-pandemic life?”

The Scotland Prime Minister commented to Scotland tonight on current Covid measures before being updated to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.

“When I hear people talk about learning to live with Covid, what seems to be suggested is that one morning we wake up and don’t have to worry about it anymore. You don’t have to do anything to contain and try to control, “she said.

“That doesn’t mean when I say” learn to live with it. ” Instead, we need to ask ourselves if adaptation to pre-pandemic life (eg, face covering) may be needed in the long run to enable us. Living with it with much less protection. “

Earlier Monday, the Scottish Government recorded 11,827 new cases of Covid-19, but said there were no deaths in the last 24 hours.


Teachers warn of the absence of staff who have a “big impact” on education

Nearly one in four teachers said the absence of staff due to Covid-19 had a major impact on the school, according to a new survey.

According to a survey by the NASUWT Education Union, almost half (46%) of teachers are required to cover the lessons of their absent colleagues.

Dr. Patrick Roach, General Secretary of NASUWT, warned that high staff absenteeism “would make a very difficult situation even worse” and added that the shortage of teachers could increase.

The findings were obtained when students began returning to class after last week’s Christmas holidays. There was new advice for British high school and college students to wear face covers in the classroom.


British tourists on Tenerife face strict new rules

British vacationers hoping for the winter sun on Tenerife will be subject to many new restrictions after authorities there have raised the coronavirus warning level to “very high risk”.

The “Level 4” alert went into effect at midnight. This means more regulations on pubs, hotels, restaurants, and public transport.

The maximum number of indoor or outdoor meetings is currently set at 6, and you must show your Covid passport to enter the facility.

Pubs and restaurants need to close late at night under strict new rules.


An additional 140,000 cases are recorded in the latest daily figures.

According to the latest government statistics, another 142,224 people tested positive for Covid on Monday.

This number is above Sunday’s total of 141,472, but below last Monday’s total of 157,758.

In London, the 7-day case rate for the week leading up to January 5 was 1,679.8 per 100,000, a 5.6% decrease from the previous week.

The data also show that an additional 77 deaths were recorded across the UK within 28 days of the positive test being recorded on January 10.


Former Chief Whip warns of rebellion against Covid

Former Tory chief whip Mark Harper, leader of the Conservative Covid Recovery Group, said Boris Johnson’s attempt to extend Plan B’s measures was more than the 100 Conservatives who opposed him when he was first introduced in December. He warned that he could face an even bigger rebellion.

Harper said: ..

“This is becoming an unsustainable position.”


Spain limits retail prices for immunochromatography

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Monday that the Spanish government is working on rules that limit the retail price of Covid’s laterl flow test.

It was after prices soared as people competed to get the test in the wave of Omicron infections.

“The discussions we had before and during the Christmas season were test offerings and bottlenecks,” Sanchez said in an interview with a radio station in Cadenasale.

“Now we are in the control of test prices.”

Antigen tests sell for about £ 2.50 in neighboring Portugal, but for about £ 8.35 in Spain, center-right opposition leader Inés Arrimadas claims to be available only in pharmacies.


More than two-thirds of adults in the UK have boosters

New figures suggest that more than two-thirds of adults in the UK receive boosters or a third Covid vaccination.

As of January 9, an estimated 67% of people over the age of 18 received additional jabs.

This is up from 64% at the beginning of the month.

The figure of 50 percent of adults was passed on 16 December.

Currently, there are just under 35.7 million boosters and a third dose in the UK, 1.4 million doses in the last 7 days.


Scotland has recorded over 11,000 new cases, but no deaths

According to figures, Scotland has recorded 11,827 new cases of Covid in the last 24 hours, but no deaths.

This means that for those who have been virus-positive in the last 28 days, the number of deaths from this measurement remains 9,934.

According to figures released by the Scottish Government on Monday, the daily test positive rate was 29.5%, up from 23.2% the day before.




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