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Don’t miss these amazing Xbox speedruns at Awesome Games Done Quick 2022

The Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 is on track and the Charity Speedrun Marathon is running all week long. There are a lot of amazing things to do in the schedule — we’ve already seen quite a few, and at the time of writing we have only 24 hours — so we decided to pick and check some of the Xbox-related highlights.

If you can’t catch these runs live, VoD will usually hit the GDQ YouTube channel within a day or so (the pop-up has just started) so you can catch up quickly. Please note the schedule as the times are subject to change. The number in parentheses is the estimated completion time. But as usual, it’s always possible to see super-clean runs done under estimates and set live world records. The execution of the marathon WR is always a hype, so in the former case the fingers cross.

Marathon: Durendal by tbcr (0:43:00) — 7:31 am UTC, Tuesday, January 11th

When I see a marathon in a marathon, I scream out loud. It’s a bit surprising to see a marathon running on the console when all of the current top runs are on the PC. Bungie’s Halo predecessor is in some interesting and unusual ways, as runner tbcr explained in the original event submission that “the XBLA port with physics differences allows for even more possibilities.” You may see it torn.

Halo 5: Guardians by Distro (1:37:00) — 12:37 am UTC, Thursday, January 13th

Halo 5 Warzone Screen 10

Speaking of Halo, you can see Halo 5: Guardians completely destroyed by one of the best players later in the week — Distro has the second fastest legendary time on Halo Runs at 1:16. It will be held at: 33. This is about 30 minutes faster than the last GDQ in the game three years ago (again by the Distro), so expect to see lots of new tricks and skips here.

Spider-Man 2 by Slyfincleton (1:01: 00) — Saturday, January 15th, UTC 7:52 am

agdq2022 Spider-Man 2

This OGXbox Web Sling Classic has taken most of the 20 years to be optimized almost perfectly, but surprisingly, the competition for top spots is still fierce and new top runs have been around for the past few weeks. It has been posted. Slyfincleton has been a world record holder for almost two years and has repeatedly improved his time to win the competition, so it’s a good idea who wears a suit to show off this fan’s favorite current state. Is it?

SpongeBob SquarePants: SHiFT Battle of Bikini Bottoms (0:55:00) — Saturday, January 15 2:26 pm UTC

agdq 2022 spongebob xbox

Another original Xbox game, another speed-running flagship, and another run run by the current world record holder. I look forward to seeing all the crazy tricks that made this an incredibly technical and competitive run. This should be pretty special as SHiFT has already reduced the amazing time by more than 3 minutes in the last year.

Halo: Combat Evolved by Chronos_R (1:17: 00) — 7:06 pm UTC, Saturday, January 15th

Hello Combat has evolved the original Xbox launch

To celebrate the late 20th anniversary, former Halo will return to GDQ for the first time since current world record holder Garish Goblin unveiled at Summer Games Done Quick 2017. Chronos’s current PB is about 15 minutes faster than the previous display, thanks to its accuracy. As it’s a new strategy, I’m looking forward to destroying the Master Chief’s debut in some impressive new ways. This is done on the PC, not the console. This is very common, as it’s usually much faster, but it’s still worth mentioning. After all, the Xbox isn’t like Halo.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by Mitchriz (2:45:00) — 10:36 pm UTC, Saturday, January 15th


This is an outlier in the list for several reasons. There’s no Xbox specifically for Sekiro, the quote is more than two hours longer than the fastest completion, and it’s not even running on the console. So what is it doing here?Well, Mitchlis does the run Blindfold.. It’s as if Sekiro wasn’t difficult enough anymore. Absolute madness, and as one of the final runs of the event, will be a very nice sight to help conclude the marathon.

Would you like to check out any of these impressive live speedruns? Or maybe you have some of your own to recommend from the packed schedule? Please let us know below!



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