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End of the world warning as NEW timeline for ‘sixth mass extinction event’ calculated | Science | News

Since its formation about 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth has undergone five mass extinctions, wiping out about 75% of life on Earth over 2.8 million years, a fraction of a second on a cosmic scale. The most famous of these extinction events is the giant Chicxulub asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. The devastation caused by asteroids is historic, with 76% of the world’s species wiped out by asteroid impacts and their aftermath.

Scientists have long warned that the planet may already be in a sixth mass extinction event. Billions of species are endangered or extinct due to human-made climate change.

In a new study, scientists predict that this terrifying event may have already happened, but its peak may take much longer than previously expected.

In a new study on the 6th mass extinction, titled “Relationship between extinction magnitude and climate change during major marine and terrestrial animal crises,” researchers estimate when the next mass extinction event will occur. did.

Kunio Kaiho, a climate scientist at Tohoku University, found in this study that there is a roughly proportional relationship between the average surface temperature of the Earth and the biodiversity of the Earth.

As the average surface temperature rises or falls above normal, more organisms die.

The Chicxulub crater could have been an external threat to life on Earth, but most extinction events are caused by dramatic changes in climate, either extreme heating or cooling.

Professor Kaiho found that the largest mass extinction in such a terrifying event to date occurred when the surface temperature of the Earth dropped and the temperature dropped by 7 degrees Celsius.

On the other side of the thermometer, a warming of about 9°C caused such devastating damage.

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But Kaiho has pushed back that timeline, saying a 9°C warming is needed to prevent such a disaster from happening.

he said:

“It is difficult to predict the magnitude of future human extinctions using surface temperature alone, because the causes of human extinctions are different from those of geological time mass extinctions.”



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