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Euro 2022 LIVE: Lionesses enjoy London victory party after England’s historic win over Germany

“Come back”: Singing Lioness Gate Crash Press conference after the match

England will host a victory party at Trafalgar Square on Monday afternoon. Lioness then defeated Germany 2-1 in the Euro 2022 final, winning his first major title in front of a record 87,192 spectators at home.

The match ended 1-1 in the 90th minute, and England’s substitute Chloe Kelly couldn’t split the side until 110 minutes, when he responded fastest to the loose ball from the corner and hit the winner. England held up with confidence as the happiness and relief echoed around Wembley (and the country) during the last 10 minutes of the match and the magnitude of what they had just achieved returned home. rice field. Salina Wiefman’s victorious press conference was interrupted by a cheerful player singing and dancing on the table. This was the beginning of a celebration that lasted until late at night.

After the victory, which was England’s first major tournament victory since the English boys won the World Cup in 1966, all players and managers were given the freedom of the city of London. Thousands are expected at Trafalgar Square to celebrate the achievement of the team. It will be shown live on BBC from 12:40 pm BST.

Follow all reactions and latest updates following England’s success in Euro 2022:


Inside story of Chloe Kelly’s celebration

England’s Chloe Kelly channeled Brandi Chastain after winning the women’s Euro final on Sunday against Germany. The celebration received a stamp of approval from the former US player himself.

Kelly scored in the second half of overtime at Wembley Stadium, and 23 years later, in delight, Chastain took off his shirt in delight after Chastain imposed a decisive penalty in the 1999 World Cup final. I did.

“@ Chloe_Kelly98 is well done. Enjoy a free round of pints and dinner for the rest of your life from all over the UK. Cheers!” She tweeted.

Chastain later added that she soon headed to England and the two were able to enjoy the victory together.

Kelly’s celebration, rare in women’s matches, won her a reservation, but in the end it’s all because England won their first major trophy with a 2-1 victory in front of a record home crowd. It was worth it.


Britain is on their way!

A bus carrying an English squad departs from the team hotel for a trip to Trafalgar Square …


Britain changed the way the country watches women’s football

Former players said England’s historic Euro victory changed the way women play games as thousands of fans are preparing to celebrate Lioness’ victory in central London.

England defeated Germany 2-1 after an extra time in front of 87,000 supporters at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, winning Germany’s first major tournament title since 1966.

From 11:00 am on Monday, up to 7,000 supporters will have the opportunity to join the team at an event hosted by former player Alex Scott at Trafalgar Square.

Former England national team Scott said Lioness’ victory would be a game changer in terms of raising the profile of women’s football.

She told the BBC Breakfast: They changed the way women’s football is viewed in this country.

“The train is leaving the station and accelerating. It’s tragic to take a step back throughout the tournament after witnessing yesterday.

“If necessary, every girl must have the opportunity to play soccer.”


David Badiel: “It was beautiful”

David Baddiel said it was “beautiful” to hear the national football anthem Three Lions sung at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

A comedian who recorded a classic soccer song with Frank Skinner and the rock band The Lightning Seeds in 1996 told the BBC Radio 4 Today program:

“I was very happy to hear it sung when I won the final at Wembley yesterday. I really thought it would never happen,” Badiel said.

“It was really nice to think,’Oh, we win’-this doesn’t happen.

“It really happened, and then the team all came to the press conference and broke chaotically [it] Up by singing a song … it was so great that in the spirit of Lioness, their playing style is a kind of joy, freedom and brilliance.

“Yes, I was very happy about it.”

David Badiel and Lioness

(Getty Images)


The most watched TV event of the year

England’s Euro 2022 final against Germany attracted 17.4 million TV viewers, a record of women’s football matches in the United Kingdom, according to an overnight assessment released by the BBC.

The previous record was set during England’s 2019 World Cup semi-final defeat by the United States, which enjoyed a peak audience of 11.7 million.


Further reaction to England’s Euro 2022 victory:

Former England International Alex Scott

“Passed that trophy in 2009 and it lived with me forever. I’m very happy that these British girls don’t have to experience it. It’s a great day.”

Former England International Gary Neville

“What Lioness did is great and it’s hard to be bloody. The seismic moment of sports in this country! Thank you everyone.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

“Soccer is back! A spectacular victory for Lioness. Congratulations to Salina, Lear and the entire team. The national football pitch will be filled with girls and women inspired by your victory like never before. . “

Tottenham Striker Harry Kane

“Absolutely unrealistic scene at Wembley! Great congratulations to the wonderful Lioness. Ella Toon also bows to the finish.”

“THREELIONS” singer David Badiel

“Home. In fact, it’s back. A sentence I never thought I would write. I went. Thanks to Lioness.”

Queen Elizabeth II of England

“The championship and your performance in it have, of course, won praise, but your success goes far beyond the trophies you have naturally won.

“You have set an example that will inspire girls and women today and future generations. I hope you are as proud of your impact on sport as it is today.”


England’s reaction to the Euro 2022 victory:

Reaction to England’s victory in the European Women’s Championship final on Sunday and its first major title in front of a record crowd at home:

England Forward Chloe Kelly

“Thanks to each and every one. To be honest, it’s great. That’s what the dream came about,” Kelly told the BBC.

“I can’t believe. These girls are special to be here and win the winner, this manager is special. This is great. I just want to celebrate now.”

England coach Salina Wiefman

“I think we’ve really changed. I think this tournament has made a huge contribution not only to games, but to British society and women in society, and I think so in Europe and around the world. I hope it will make a bigger difference. “

England captain Leah Williamson

“I just can’t stop crying. We talked, talked, talked, and finally (did) it. Hey? Kids are okay. This is the most proud moment in my life. Listen. , The legacy of this tournament is social change. “

England defender Lucy Bronze

“This will probably sink at the end of my career. Young players probably think this (winning trophy) is normal. Now they need to compete in the World Cup and win.”

Former England striker Ian Wright

“I can’t say how much effort was put into this. I’m very proud, I can’t believe it!”


“She would have been proud”: Salina Wiefman dedicates England’s Euro 2022 victory to her late sisters

England manager Salina Wiefman praised the team’s historic Euro 2022 victory for women and society and revealed that they had devoted their victory to their late sister who died before the tournament.

Wembley’s team defeated Germany 2-1 after an extra time in front of more than 87,000 fans at Wembley, ending 56 years of injury. Major international tournaments.

The Dutch woman, who had just been appointed manager of England 10 months ago, has now won a series of euros after leading the Netherlands to glory five years ago.

Wiefman also revealed that the wristband she kissed full-time was dedicated to her late sister, who died in June. Wiefman was forced to miss part of England’s training camp because the FA at the time said it was “the bereavement of her family.”

“She would have been here,” said Wiefman. “She would have been really proud of me, and I would have been proud of her.”


Players Gate Crash Weegman Press Conference

After Chloe Kelly’s dramatic overtime goal at Wembley, England defeated Germany 2-1 to win the Euro final.

The team interrupted the press conference of England manager Salina Wiefman and began singing the Three Lions. Lioness gathered around Wiefman and began dancing to celebrate the victory.

Salina Wiefman praised the team’s historic victory for women and society and revealed that she had devoted her victory to her late sister who died before the tournament.


Wiefman and a player given the freedom of the city

England player and head coach Sarina Wiegman will be awarded the freedom of the City of London following her victory in the Euro in 2022.

Chloe Kelly’s extra time goal is to beat Germany 2-1 as Lioness wins the first major trophy in history since the 1966 World Cup and the first trophy for a senior England team. did.

A strong team of 23 and Weegman will be appointed later this year by Vincent Kieveny, Mayor of the City of London, and Edward Lord OBE, Chairman of the Citizenship Subcommittee of the City of London. Will be invited to. ..

Keybenny said: “The rise and rise of Lioness is an incredible success story, and nominating a team for the freedom of the City of London gives me great joy.

“Last night’s victory over Germany solidified the team’s position in the history of sports. As a country, we couldn’t be proud of them.”

The Lord added: “Watching the match last night was a thrilling experience. For Lioness, it was a great victory, demonstrating its quality, determination, teamwork and pure love for the match.

“On behalf of the entire Square Mile, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations on such a wonderful performance in a tournament that we are proud of throughout the country.”

Freedom, one of the ancient traditions of the City of London, began in 1237 and is believed to have allowed recipients to trade. Recent winners include former English cricket player Sajid Mahmood and singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.



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