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Katie Price ‘refusing to give £50k engagement ring back to Carl Woods’ after split

Katie Price has refused to return a £ 50,000 engagement ring to Karl Woods after the split, according to colleagues.

The sun revealed over the weekend how 44-year-old Katie told a stranger while she was out alone at night in Brighton that she was now single.


Katie has told people she’s single while Karl claims everything is okayCredit: Instagram
Earlier glamor models are said to have no plans to return her £ 50,000 engagement ring


Earlier glamor models are said to have no plans to return her £ 50,000 engagement ring

Katie was also portrayed on a boat in Arundel, West Sussex, but was missing her giant diamond engagement ring after Karl, 33, asked a question last year.

Insiders have revealed that their five mothers, Katie, have no plans to return sparklers.

They said: “Katey told her family and friends it was over-and she wouldn’t even return the engagement ring.

“She paid a lot of holidays during the relationship, and wants to hang on the ring like all her old engagement rings.

“She will make it something else-it wasn’t paid by Karl, but it’s worth £ 50,000.”

Katie’s representative was asked to comment.

Katie tells fellow party participants that it’s between her and Karl, but he claims everything is okay.

While she roams in the background, she shoots a series of taunting videos from the dirty mansion of her five mothers, and the car salesman finds him “on the front line” and worthy of recognition. I was furious.

Karl embarked on a huge tilade, saying:

“Look, she’s here. I’m still at f ** king’s house. All this,’Oh, I want her a shot of him.'”

“Do you want to know the truth because you know something? I’m the best f ** king companion she’s ever had, and I’m suffering from s ** t Who is, everyone else.

“So this is all,” Oh, he’s a bad guy, he’s this, he needs to go … “You’re full of s ** t, so F ** k off everyone .. I’m the one at the forefront, I’m suffering, and I’m the one who helps her, no one else.

“I support this woman through everything. I am the one who gets the flaws and no one else.

“No, we didn’t break up. I’m still at her house because you know nothing and pretend.



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