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Manchester United can’t repeat Frenkie de Jong transfer approach with Antony – Tyrone Marshall

The transfer window is currently open for 17 days, and Manchester United’s focus is barely far from midfielder Frenkie de Jong, who is considered the amulet for the reconstruction of Eric Ten Hag’s Old Trafford. .. The new manager wants to reunite with a 25-year-old player and believes it is essential to implement his philosophy in a team that has been in great need of his philosophy over the last few seasons.

However, negotiations over De Jung continue. Barcelona knows how much United wants him, but United knows how badly Barcelona needs cash. So far, neither party has blinked, but you can probably see a turning point this week. Barcelona’s accounting period with LaLiga ends on Thursday, and sales prior to that are beneficial.

If United doesn’t sign De John, it’s a surprise, not to mention the disaster, but the story of this transfer has been so long that supporters will be pleased to see the Dutch midfielder arrive. As peaceful as the excitement that will accompany it.

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What is expected of supporters now is what comes next. United talked about Christian Eriksen’s free transfer, but this summer it’s not unlimited, but it’s working on a fair budget and prioritized a deal with De John before evaluating what’s left. ..

Once the deal with De John is complete, United will consider stepping up the attack, and Ten Hag wants to sign another player familiar from Ajax, in this case Antony, who is still playing football in Amsterdam. I think.

There are already similarities with the pursuit of De John. The 22-year-old Ajax’s £ 69m asking price, which still has something to prove, is a hurdle to overcome. Ajax doesn’t need cash and both Julien Timber and Lisandro Martinez are considered defensive, so they’re fierce to discourage Ten Hag from targeting other ex-players. I am determined to promote the negotiations.

It makes sense for United to first consider signing a deal with De Jung, but it also takes time outside the window. They have laid the groundwork for other potential deals in the background, but the team is back earlier this season and will be touring weekly on Thursday.

Tenhag expects Daejeon to be on the plane to Bangkok, but given how close the departure date is, it may be in the new face. Still, he relies on the progress of the midfielder.

United’s approach of driving fierce negotiations for De John has its benefits. They have cut off the reputation of overpaying players and claim that Barcelona signed a contract early in the summer with numbers quoted by Barcelona that would affect the money left behind.

It’s also relevant that De Jung reports on pre-season training as early as next Monday, so don’t waste time on the ability to settle quickly in United, but for United to come to a conclusion. More deals digging into available time. The window will remain open until September 1st, by which time there will be five games in the Premier League season. With new managers in place, the opportunity for new arrivals to settle down as soon as possible is essential.

Once De Jong is signed, the business could recover in United, but we need to avoid another transfer story that takes weeks to resolve. If they move from De John to Antony, and from one long-term pursuit to another, it may be damaging in this window.

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