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Max Chilton breaks Goodwood hillclimb record in McMurtry Automotive Speirling

Officially, the history book brought Nick Heidfeld down as a true record holder thanks to his famous 1999 run on the McLaren MP4 / 13F1 machine that shook the line in 41.6 seconds.

But unofficially, Romain Dumas was the fastest driver on the famous 1.1-mile route on the Pikes Peak-winning Volkswagen ID.R. He finally made an effort of 39.9 seconds.

However, Dumas’ run at ID.R, specially tuned for Goodwood, was set in Saturday’s qualifying session rather than the officially recognized Sunday shootout climax.

Anyway, Chilton beat both benchmarks thanks to the amazingly decisive 39.08 charge at the stunning McMurtry, which instantly deploys 2000kg of downforce from fans.

Chilton has been attending the Festival of Speed ​​summer event since he was four years old, saying:

“I wouldn’t believe you if someone said,’One day you’ll beat everyone who has climbed the hill.’ That’s a real honor.

“I didn’t sleep last night. I was stressed and slept for an hour. As they say, pressure makes diamonds!”

McMarty, which many liken to a miniature Batmobile, is based on the small footprint of the 1960s Grand Prix. This gave Chilton enough space for darts between the hay.

The all-electric single-seater, closed cockpit machine tilts at less than 1000kg and delivers a power-to-weight ratio of 1000bhp per ton.

Max Chilton, McMurtry Spearing

Photo: JEP / Motorsport Image

This allowed me to sprint to 60mph in 1.5 seconds, cover the first 100m of the bumpy Goodwood course in 3.51 seconds and continue to accelerate to the peak of 149mph on Sunday.

Chilton, who shared his driving duties with British Hill Climb Championship point leader Alex Summer to attend Saturday’s wedding, recorded 39.14 seconds in qualifying.

Chilton, who called the Speed ​​Festival “the world’s largest garden party,” was blessed and accepted at the top of the roots by both the Duke of Richmond and Dumas and Heidfeld.

The last impressive McMarty in the time shootout dominated the proceedings as the next fastest car was the Porsche 718 GT4 ePerformance and driver Richard Lietz finished as a runner-up with 45.502 seconds. ..

Ben Mitchell, the historic single-seater ace, took the podium on a March 782 Formula 2 racer with a former Marc Surer BMW.

Former shootout winner Justin Lo crashed in 2021 when a low downforce rear wing hanging behind the rear bodywork caught Haber and was fourth in the “Bad Light” Jaguar XJR-. I’m back in 12D.

Travis Pastrana, who rolled a Subaru rally car early on the weekend, finished fifth in the Custom Subaru GL Family Hack Star with 860bhp and dazzling air brakes.

Dumas finished sixth in the 2000bhp 4th generation Ford Supervan, but Heidfeld’s fledgling Mahindra Gen3 Formula E car was shortened due to technical issues.

The shootout took place after a regular balcony ceremony and ended in 2022 with the 30th Anniversary Ceremony of Nigel Mansell’s F1 World Championship title.

Mansell climbed the hills throughout the event with both his famous “Red 5” Williams FW14B and Ferrari 640 machines.

Nigel Mansell, Williams FW14B

Nigel Mansell, Williams FW14B

Photo: Williams



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