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Michael Gove misses BBC interview slot after getting stuck in elevator

Michael Gove missed the BBC’s interview slot after being stuck on a lift at the New Broadcasting House on Monday morning.

The ministers were scheduled to appear on the broadcaster’s Today show at 8:10 am, but were noticeably absent from the broadcast.

Nick Robinson, today’s program presenter, explained the situation and said: You might have expected Michael Gove to contact you at this point. He came into the building so kindly that we didn’t have to deal with one of those nasty line failures.

“Mr. Gove is stuck in the elevator of the Broadcasting House. I wish I could say this is a joke. It’s not a joke. For Mr. Gove and the guards who have been stuck there for a while, not so much. It’s not interesting. “

Robinson said Gove was “keeping up” and “offered to even talk to us over the phone at some point” from the elevator.

He added that he hopes the community secretary will be freed from the lift and will be able to “listen to him shortly after the program.” The presenter joked that W1A, a series of parodies of the BBC’s internal mechanics, was clearly “not a satirical program.”

The Prime Minister finally appeared on the program around 8:30 am, and Nick Robinson offered him an “apology on behalf of the BBC.”

Mr. Gove replied: “After more than 30 minutes on the lift, I’ve succeeded in leveling up.” I’m glad to be here. I fully understand, this happens. If you and I together gave Ammunition to Armando Ianouch for the next episode of W1A, then that’s okay. “

When informed on social media that a new hashtag, #freemichaelgove, was created, Gove added:



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