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‘Monster’ black hole found in dwarf galaxy — RT World News

The newly discovered “supermassive” black hole is one of the “smallest” of its kind, but it can answer some big questions.

Astronomers have discovered a “supermassive” black hole that contains about 200,000 times the mass of the Sun. Buried in the dust and gas of dwarf galaxies, this “monster” can add knowledge about the size and origin of black holes.

The discovery, presented at a virtual conference of the American Astronomical Society on Monday, was made by scientists. “Ambiguous” A black hole in a galaxy with only hundreds of millions of stars. This particular dwarf galaxy is named Mrk462.

Using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, researchers at Dwarf University have created a lively supermassive black hole by looking for very bright, high-energy radiation emitted by the heat from its attachment (growth) process. I studied eight dwarf galaxies that seem to contain them.

The X-ray sign of the “eating” black hole was identified only on the Mrk462. “Abnormally high strength” It suggested that there was this particular black hole of its high energy radiation and other factors “Terribly hidden” By clouds of gas and dust.

“Finded black holes are more difficult to detect than exposed black holes, so finding this example may mean that there are far more dwarf galaxies with similar black holes.” Co-principal Investigator Ryan Hickox said in a NASA statement.

This is important because it can help address key issues in astrophysics. How did the black hole grow early in the universe?

This finding gives credibility to the theory that suggests that some supermassive black holes grow rapidly from smaller masses. “Star seeds” Rather than being already large in the early universe. Increasing the number of dwarf galaxies with supermassive black holes will further reinforce this idea.

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Researchers have found that other such obscure black holes “No” Previous research has been able to point to far more populations of huge black holes in dwarf galaxies.Researcher Jack Parker said these “Monster Black Hole” that is “Famous for being difficult to find” – Mrk462’s “In the smallest” That kind of.

“We cannot draw a strong conclusion from one example, but this result should facilitate a much wider search for black holes buried in dwarf galaxies.” Parker said.

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