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Mum disgusted when she opens ‘revolting’ Amazon parcel

Her mother was fed up when she opened the parcel of the Amazon cereal bar.

Fiona Really ordered a box of Glaze Protein Oates Boost Bars from an online store on Wednesday, January 5th for a family who loves Jim, but when she and her husband Justin Really opened the parcel, one of the snacks. She claims that the one had already been eaten.

Later, the 42-year-old business owner said he had made a quivering discovery of a “protruding” open rapper covered with “small tooth marks and rat droppings.”

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When Justin, 43, complained to Amazon, the three mothers claimed to have been offered a replacement for a £ 16.89 order without promising to investigate how it happened. ..

Fiona, the cake-making business owner, is calling on Amazon to investigate potential warehouse issues she believes have caused “rebellious” deliveries.

Amazon said they are currently investigating the issue and “working with customers to get things right.”

Fionariary parcel from Amazon

Fiona, from Chorley, Lancashire, said:

“As soon as my husband opens [the box] He said, “Oh, there’s an open packet here.” I said, “The black ones are rat droppings.”

“Looking at the packet, there are traces of bitten teeth around it. Black drops that look like rat droppings and pieces of oat biscuits are scattered around.

“At that time, my father-in-law was here, and he saw it and said,’Yes, they’re definitely rat droppings.’

“One box is not touched, two are touched. One is not eaten, but a black mark is clearly visible around where some pests are on top. increase.

“The eaten parcel was sticking out of the first box.

“It’s definitely an animal that ate it. It has small tooth marks and rat droppings on it.

“You can see it in the box and the wrapper. You can see the dung and the pieces of oat.”

Fiona Really's Amazon parcel seemed to contain rat droppings
Fiona Really’s Amazon parcel seemed to contain rat droppings

Fiona claims that Justin contacted Amazon via live chat, but had no promise to investigate the problem and was simply offered a replacement.

Fiona said: “My husband ordered and spoke to Amazon online. They said,” I’m fine, I just change the box. “

“They didn’t want a picture of it, and they felt on their side that they weren’t going to take any further action, so I named them on Facebook and shame them. I wanted to.

“I hope they will open the case and investigate the problem.”

The business owner who bake the cake at home has vowed to throw away the two packages that seem to have been disturbed by the mouse and will report to the Food Standards Agency.

Fiona said: “I have to bake cakes to make a living and pass hygiene standards for work. This is rebellious to me.

“I have a certificate of food hygiene standards and keep my kitchen clean. Keeping pests out is a priority.

“I don’t eat two boxes right now. Go straight through the boxes.

“Today, I’ll report them to the Food Standards Agency. Especially if Amazon starts selling more food, investigation is needed.”

An Amazon spokesman said, “We are working directly with our customers to get things right.”

A spokesperson for Glaze said: “We sincerely apologize to Fiona for this experience and concern.

“It is our priority to ensure that our products are always enjoyed in the highest quality and condition, and we work closely with Amazon to see how this order was delivered in this condition. I understand urgently. “




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