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Omicron covid symptoms: Three types of rash that could be a sign of the virus

Coronavirus researchers warn that the three common rashes may actually be a sign of catching a variant of Omicron.

People report very different symptoms when infected with Omicron compared to those of previous variants-the latest strains look like a “common cold”.

However, in addition to runny nose and itching in the throat, people infected with the Omicron variant also describe the experience of a rash that resembles a general condition.

Having a rash does not mean that you are infected with Covid by itself, but it can be an indicator, so anyone who finds a new rash should consider undergoing an immunochromatography test. there is.

These are the three types of rashes reported by people infected with Omicron.

One is similar to heat rash. It appears in small areas and is itchy and bumpy. It can appear anywhere on the body, but is most commonly thought to be found on the hands, feet, and elbows.

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The second type resembles a urticaria rash. This style manifests itself as bumps on the skin.

Of the two, the heat rash style is more persistent and can last for days or even weeks.

Something like a hive, on the other hand, tends to come and go much faster.

Another type of skin-related symptoms has been described as resembling chilblains. It has a purple or red color and often has painful patches that stick out over the skin like small bumps.

These have not been reported to be itchy and are more common among young people infected with the virus.

The skin symptoms discussed are believed to be visible to some people with the virus that does not show other symptoms.




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