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Parking: Edinburgh driver hit with furious note from neighbour for blocking access to road

A driver from Edinburgh found a large paperboard sign on the windshield of his car on Friday morning (July 29). The individual was parked in the Reese lane north of the Scottish capital.

A gray Volkswagen is parked on the road and you can see the hood sticking out of the entrance.

The lanes are very narrow and the car is parked on the left side, so there is very little space for other cars to enter and exit.

Given where the car was parked, anyone trying to access the lane would have had a hard time maneuvering around the car.

The neighbor let him know his feelings and left a note in bold on the windshield of the car.

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“It’s basically a commuter parking lot, as it may be the last street without a parking permit in front of the city center.

They also said that tourists staying in the area often park there.

Residents told Edinburgh Live, adding that “apparently someone had enough and struck a note.”

In the image, the yellow line is still blocking another road, but the yellow line is not visible.

According to West Midlands police, drivers should also notify local police if roads or pavements are blocked.

They show examples of parked vehicles, skipped builders, illegal billboards, or overhanging tree branches.

Elsewhere, the driver talked about her anger after a neighbor blocked access to her parking space.

As Express.co.uk reported, women wondered what would happen to their behavior after access to their parking space was blocked.

A driver who walked 30 seconds from home to the car now has to take 5 minutes to get to the car.

A frustrated homeowner, who wrote to Momsnet, said he shared a gate on the terrace with his neighbors to give him access to the parking lot.

She argued that the use of the gate shared by her and her neighbor meant that the woman had to cross about 30 centimeters into her neighbor’s yard.

Due to another development, this arrangement existed for about 17 years when the current garden and parking composition was created.

Many have suggested discussing with their neighbors to see if they can resolve their previous situation.



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