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Petrol station: Tesco and Sainbury’s pumps will charge drivers £100 when using Pay at Pump

Drivers will be charged a £ 100 deposit when filling their car with Tesco and Sainsbury’s Pay at Pump machines. After the gas station is refilled in the tank, the money is withdrawn from the driver’s account the moment the card is inserted into the machine before calculating the correct fare.

The driver then confirms that the amount paid will be refunded to the account minus the amount payable for the fuel payment.

Tesco previously used a £ 1 approval fee, which will be replaced by a new £ 99 deposit.

The money is “ring fenced” and Tesco confirms that the money will be returned to the driver’s account immediately after replenishment.

Supermarkets said changes are being rolled out to help shoppers track their finances.

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Many drivers now report that they are required to pay twice when using a self-service pump.

Most machines cut off at £ 99 on refill, but this can be more common due to the very high fuel prices.

According to AA’s analysis of Experian Catalyst data, gasoline and diesel prices rose again yesterday, with an average gasoline cost of 191.43 pence (ppl) per liter, while diesel was 199.05 ppl at £ 2 per liter. Ascended towards.

June showed a normal price increase month with no signs of providing relief for the weekend.

Jack Cousens, Head of Road Policy at AA, said:

“But there are reports of aggressive behavior towards vestibular staff, so when refueling, encourage people to convey Roger Federer’s Zen-like thinking rather than abusing them.

“It’s not their fault that AA is directly challenging governments, retailers and CMAs to find quick and effective solutions.”

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “The new rules implemented by Mastercard, Visa and American Express require card issuers to approve up to £ 99.

“Once the deposit is complete, the final transaction amount will be sent to the card issuer and the remaining unused funds up to the maximum deposit amount will be returned to the available balance.

“We only charge you for the value of the fuel you actually purchased,” they told Sussex Live.

A statement on the Sainsbury website states: “Under the new industry requirements mandated by VISA and MasterCard, Sainsbury’s Petrol Forecourts self-service pumps require a pre-approval amount of £ 100 before starting the refueling process.

“This is to ensure that our customers have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the distributed fuel.

“Previously, customers had £ 1 pre-approval from their account to verify that their card was valid before it was full.

“The exact cost of fuel is usually displayed in the customer’s account 1-2 days after the transaction, which can make it difficult for the customer to track the available spending.”



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