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Precopulatory oral sex found in darkling beetles

Mating of Platyopemongolica and anatomical images of female Epiginum. (A) Oral sex contact between men and women. (B) Male-female mating. (C) Epiginum from an individual without oral sex in posterior vision under anatomical images. (D) Epiginum from an individual after oral sex (rear view). Credit: DOI: 10.1002 / ece3.6595

A team of researchers from China, the United Kingdom, and the United States have discovered that a species of Tenebrionidae has oral sex before mating.In their paper published in the journal Ecology and evolution, The group explains their study of beetles and what they learned about their mating habits.

As researchers have pointed out, in invertebrates, men rarely give females oral genital stimulation. So they were surprised to find that the male dark desert beetle repeatedly touched and verbally manipulated the female reproductive organs before mating.

The job of the researchers was to go to the place where Mongolian Platyope Mongolia live, the desert in this area, to study their mating habits. This group collected multiple samples of both sexes of the beetle during the mating period and returned them to the laboratory for a more in-depth study than possible in the wild.

As researchers have seen, females advertised their willingness to mate by pushing the ends of their abdomen up. The man responded by advancing towards the female and using the maxillary parpi (the sensory organs in the mouth) to stimulate the female’s reproductive organs. As men do, females have generally stopped moving around to allow for easier access. During oral stimulation, the female appeared to judge its effectiveness. If I wasn’t happy, I ended things by lowering the trailing edge and leaving.

Researchers want to learn more about how important it is to the mating process, by disabling different parts of the male or female (taping the antenna or placing petrolatum in the female reproductive organs). By studying the oral stimulation routine in more detail. They found it very important — failed oral stimuli usually led to failed mating attempts. They also discovered that there was a room that moved in small steps, so to speak. Males who limited the time of oral stimulation but were still able to prevent females from wandering tended to be less successful in mating attempts. In addition to helping mating in the physical sense, researchers conclude that oral mating also acts as a kind of test, helping females better determine who produces better offspring. ..

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For more information:
Xinghu Qin et al, Pre-mating oral sex contacts play an important role in the successful mating of mysterious desert beetles. Ecology and evolution (2021). DOI: 10.1002 / ece3.6595

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