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Prince Andrew: Judge refuses to throw out Virginia Giuffre’s sexual assault lawsuit against royal | US News

The judge dismissed an attempt to dismiss the sexual assault proceeding against Prince Andrew.

U.S. judge Lewis Kaplan refused to dismiss the case after hearing discussions from lawyers Royal And his whistleblower Virginia Robert.

This means that the royal family will face a civil lawsuit later this year.

The Duke of York has been sued by Ms. Juffle, formerly known as Virginia Giuffre, who claims to have “sexually assaulted and assaulted” as a teenager.

Follow LiveUpdate: A civil trial may take place this year as the judge publishes a 46-page document denying Prince Andrew’s allegations.

Prince Andrew denied allegations against him

She was trafficked by the deceased shameful financier Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew When she was 17 years old.

The Duke’s lawyer had Called to dismiss a civil lawsuit in New York After she claimed to have waived her right to sue him when she signed a $ 500,000 settlement agreement with Epstein.

Why was Prince Andrew accused?

2009 Document Ms. Juffre said she agreed to “release, acquittal, satisfy and permanently dismiss” Epstein and “other individuals or groups that may be included as potential defendants.”

At a court hearing, Andrew Brettler, on behalf of Andrew, said the royal family may have been sued in the 2009 proceedings and therefore “no doubt” to be considered a “potential defendant.” ..

Analysis: Judge’s decision puts hope on ice to rebuild Andrew’s reputation

The Duke’s lawyer told Judge Kaplan that Mr. Robert’s proceedings were “unfair” and “injustice” and “should be dismissed.”

However, Giuffre’s lawyer, David Boies, did not claim that the Duke had trafficked an individual for illegal sexual activity in the 2009 proceedings, so Andrew was mentioned in the settlement as a “potential defendant.” “It will not be.

“He’s a girl trafficked, and that’s another standard,” Boyes said in a hearing.

Who is who in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal?

Prince Andrew is sued by Virginia Robert
Virginia Robert agrees to settle $ 500,000 with Jeffrey Epstein

Judge Kaplan outlined the reasons for dismissing the Duke’s motion to dismiss his civil proceedings, saying that the agreement between España and Ms. Jufre “cannot be said to benefit the royal family.”

In his decision, the judge said:

He added:

“It claims an individual case of sexual abuse in a particular situation at three identifiable locations. It identifies who it attributed to that sexual abuse.”

Can Prince Andrew be stripped of his royal and military titles?

Jufre is seeking unspecified damages, but it is speculated that the total could be in the millions of dollars.

Andrew, who has not been charged with criminal offenses, violently denies allegations against him.

The civil trial will be held between September and December.

Judge Kaplan previously denied a request to suspend civil proceedings against Andrew on jurisdiction issues after the Duke’s lawyer claimed that the Duke’s lawyer lived in Australia rather than the United States where the case was being heard. Did.

Judgment will come later Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted last month Recruiting a minor girl to be sexually abused by her ex-boyfriend Epstein, who committed suicide in 2019 while waiting for a trial on sexual trafficking charges.



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