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Rolls-Royce sold more cars in 2021 than ANY other in it’s 117-year history

COVID helped Rolls-Royce sell a record 5,586 cars last year, recognizing that the pandemic could “shorten life” for the ultra-rich.

Luxury cars priced between £ 233,000 and £ 432,000 have sold the most cars in the world in 117 years of history.

Torsten Muller-Chief Executive Officer Otvos said:

British luxury car makers have announced the highest sales in 117 years of history. This is 5,586 units, an increase of 49% over the previous year.

‘It also helped on a very large scale [encourage people to] Invest in what I call nice and nice in the world. ”

BMW-owned Sussex-based companies have increased sales in all parts of the world.

Muller-Otvos of Germany explains:

“People couldn’t travel a lot, couldn’t invest a lot in luxury services … and have accumulated a fair amount of money spent on luxury goods.”

Many buyers have added to the existing Rolls-Royce collection because most owners have more than one.

The company said it enjoyed a “amazing year” with high demand for all models, especially ghost limousines and Cullinan SUVs, in most sales regions, including Greater China, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and in multiple countries. Reported the highest record ever. In the world.

As the purchase order extends to the third quarter of 2022, companies with boutique factories in Goodwood, West Sussex also have record fees for custom commissions, with customers typically spending twice the base list price. He said he would customize the vehicle to his liking.The final aggregate can be much higher

Rolls-Royce has declared itself a “unique leader” in the ultra-luxury segment of cars priced over £ 250,000.

CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said this was money.

“People can’t travel a lot. They can’t invest in luxury services.

“Therefore, a lot of money has been accumulated all over the world and used for luxury goods. We have all benefited from it.”

In a serious note he said:’People are dying in Covid. It makes people think that life can be shortened and it is better to live now.

Despite the fact that 2021 was an “unstable and challenging” year, the biggest challenge was not to find customers, but to meet “stronger than ever” demand. I added.

The waiting time for the new Rolls-Royce is currently one year.

Müller-Ötvös said: “If you order Rolls-Royce today, it’s expected to be delivered in about a year from now.”

Record sales were driven by the latest new model, the updated ghost limousine (pictured).

Record sales were driven by the latest new model, the updated ghost limousine (pictured).

Cullinan SUVs and ghosts each accounted for 40% of total sales.

Other highlights of last year are: Announcing the first partially disguised all-electric production vehicle called the Specter – installed in a showroom in 2023 after a year of testing around the world. October Black Badge Ghost launch (£ 325,000 or £ 100,000 higher than standard ghosts). And the announcement of the £ 20m boattail of the coachbuilder (one of three distinct and unique committees) marking the launch of the Rolls-Royce Coach Build as a permanent fixture in its portfolio.

Spelling out its success, the company states: ‘All Rolls-Royce models worked very powerfully.

“Growth is driven primarily by ghosts, and demand has skyrocketed since the launch of the Black Badge Ghost in October 2021.

“This, along with Cullinan’s continued excellence and Marque’s premier product, the Phantom, ensured that the purchase order would be fully filled by the third quarter of 2022.”

The company’s “used car” or used car history program also recorded “extraordinary” record sales.

Examples such as the Phantom Olive, Phantom Tempus, Black Badge Wraith, and Black Badge Dawnland Speed ​​Collection, co-produced with Hermès, have increased record tailor-made fees. The Rolls-Royce Coach Build has become a permanent fixture in the future portfolio, announcing the latest coachbuilder masterpiece, the Boattail.

Importantly, nearly one-third (27%) of all Rolls-Royce customers now choose the “black badge” treatment for luxury cars. In some cases and regions, it has risen to about 40%.

Rolls-Royce doesn’t open an account separately from its parent company BMW, but industry experts who delve into the numbers believe it is currently the most profitable car company in the world. Ferrari, Italy, return on investment estimated at 50%.

It was also Rolls-Royce's first SUV model, Cullinan, that proved to be very popular among the ultra-rich, helping to push demand to record levels.

It was also Rolls-Royce’s first SUV model, Cullinan, that proved to be very popular among the ultra-rich, helping to push demand to record levels.

Rolls-Royce also announced the first all-electric vehicle, Specter, in 2021 (the same week that Bond’s nemesis organization launched the new 007 movie No Time to Die, called SPECTRE), the fourth in 2023. Efforts have begun to bring Specter to market by the quarter, and the toughest test protocol ever devised for Rolls-Royce is underway. This 1.5 million mile journey spans all four corners of the world and simulates Rolls-Royce’s use for over 400 years.

He added: -Goodwood, West Sussex, and Royce around the world.

Goodwood’s Rolls-Royce plant is currently operating at full capacity in a two-shift pattern to meet orders from customers around the world, emphasizing: And in future talent, 37 new apprentices will join the company in September 2022.

Müller-Ötvös added: 2021 was a phenomenal year for Rolls-Royce motor cars.

“In the last 12 months, we have recorded record high annual sales, added the latest products to the Black Badge family, surprised the world with car body manufacturing capabilities and made great strides in the future of electricity.’

Ross Royce's boss, Torsten Müller Otoves (pictured), praised the

Ross Royce’s boss, Torsten Müller Otoves (pictured), praised the “extraordinary dedication and dedication” of the car company when it announced a record sale in 2021.

He went on to say: performance.

“This is a great encouragement for us to prepare for the historic launch of our first all-electric vehicle, the Specter. Based on this year’s success, we are a true luxury brand that goes beyond the realm of car manufacturing. Continues to evolve as.

He praised “the dedication and dedication of the extraordinary people” at Rolls-Royce, saying, “It is my privilege and joy to work with them every day.”

The Rolls-Royce boss also suggests that this year could slightly exceed 2021’s record sales, saying “our future is safe.”

The company is planning a new paint shop and may hire more staff.

Brexit has brought about some “bureaucracy and bureaucracy”, especially with regard to the invitation of major workers from the continent and some labeling issues. But he said he hadn’t stopped the sales boom.




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