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Russia doesn’t want conflict with Ukraine but the West must provide ‘unconditional security’ guarantees, Putin says | World News

Russia does not want a conflict with Ukraine, but Western nations must provide Moscow with an “unconditional security” guarantee, President Vladimir Putin said.

Putin said at an annual press conference that the United States has missiles at the “gateway to Russia” and “the ball is in the western court” when it comes to security in the region.

The meeting will be held early next year, when Putin has denied again, because Western nations are afraid that Russia is already preparing to invade Ukraine.

Putin was asked by Sky’s Moscow correspondent Diana Magnai whether Russia could be guaranteed not to invade Ukraine or other sovereign states, or whether this would rely on negotiations. Unconditional compliance with Russia’s security demands today and in historical context.

“In this sense, we have made it clear that no further NATO moves to the east are acceptable, there is nothing unclear about this.

“We do not deploy missiles on the borders of the United States, while the United States deploys missiles near our homes and at the doorsteps of our homes.”

Vladimir Putin talks about Western actions at the Russian border

Putin says NATO “fools” Russia and continues to expand

The Russian President continued: “What do Americans think if we come to the border between Canada and the United States or Mexico and decide to deploy our own missiles over there?”

Mr Putin later said he had “fooled” Russia by agreeing that NATO would not spread eastward throughout Europe in an agreement signed in 1990.

Since then, he said, the alliance has carried out “five waves of expansion” that violate its guarantees.

Putin shook his finger and said, “And you keep asking us for some guarantees. You have to give us guarantees. It’s up to you, and you’re about this. Instead of talking for decades, we have to do this now.

“About the need to use this little story, a soft story, to ensure the safety of everyone. We are not threatening anyone.”

Putin was asked by Diana Magney what she thinks the West doesn’t understand Russia, “sometimes we seem to live in two different worlds. I’m very clear. I was talking about, but why can’t I understand it?

“You say you don’t expand, then you say you continue to expand. You say that we give equal guarantees to all in many international agreements, and then we have equal or equal security. You can see that there isn’t. “

Putin further stated that in the 1990s, the Soviet Union did everything possible to build a normal relationship between the United States and the West.

He added that CIA advisers were able to visit Russia’s military nuclear site.

Putin continued. “What else was needed? Why did we have to help the North Caucasus terrorists, use terrorist organizations to reach their goals, and destroy the Russian Federation?

“This is exactly what you were doing and as a former director of the FSB I know it.”



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