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Switch Online Should Leverage GameCube, Wii And Deliver “More” N64 Content, Says Former NoA Boss

Former Nintendo US President Reginald Fiss Aime recently chatted with CNET about his new book. Confuse the game.

A regular batch of Nintendo-related questions popped up, but Reggie had a little extra to share on this particular occasion. First, now that Nintendo has a powerful way to deliver legacy content via Switch Online Services, we don’t expect to revive “mini consoles” like the SNES and NES Classics.

In his opinion, Nintendo needs to focus its energy and effort on delivering “more” N64 content, and perhaps other legacy systems like GameCube and the Wii, to take full advantage of this aspect of Nintendo. I think. Some of the exchanges are:

Whether NES Classic, SNES Classic, and Mini Console are back

Reggie: “Will it come back? Is there another physical box with legacy content? I don’t think so. If I go back to Nintendo for a day, I’ll be more focused. Would you like to deliver content to consumers through Nintendo’s online experience? What are they doing … they put out some N64 content and work with other platform owners to do that legacy content. Nintendo still has a lot of N64 content to take advantage of.

They have GameCube content to leverage, they have Wii content. I think this future of digitally delivered content to you as a consumer is this fast-growing opportunity that I would like to continue to use. “

The last time I checked in to SNES and NES Mini, the total sales of the system exceeded 10 million. Re-releasing two legacy consoles is a great feat, but Switch Online is certainly getting a lot of attention, with over 32 million subscriptions (as of November last year).

The system itself has also shifted by more than 107 million units as of March 31, 2022. This means that Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Pack subscriptions will continue to grow.

What do you think of Reggie’s comments on Switch Online? Does Nintendo need to monopolize the now classic systems such as the GameCube and Wii in addition to the N64.This follows the news Pokemon snap It will appear in the N64SwitchOnline library next week. Starting with this release, other known games planned for this library will only include Custom Robo and its sequels. These are currently exclusively for Japanese NSO services.




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