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Tory MPs turn on Boris Johnson after he mocks calls to change style and says criticism ‘doesn’t matter’

Boris Johnson has fueled conservative anger that has led them to an election disaster by rejecting calls to change style, claiming that many of his criticisms are “not a problem.” ..

“It won’t happen,” Tory officials said after ridiculing the idea that the prime minister was undergoing a “psychological transformation” to recover from the disastrous by-election defeat.

In a rebellious interview with BBC Radio 4 today Instead, he dismissed key conservatives who urged him to resign, including former leaders Michael Howard and The Hague, arguing that they had no alternative policy.

“As a leader, you must try to distinguish between criticisms that really matter and those that don’t,” Johnson refused to accept the party gate scandal behind the defeat.

He further claims that he hopes to remain in power until the 2030s and fight the next two general elections.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, filmed in Rwanda on Saturday, warned Tory critics even more.

(PA wire)

Be wary Tory lawmakers said Independent The comment emphasized why voters turned their backs on the party at Tiverton & Honiton and Wakefield last week.

Alicia Kearns, a participant in the 2019 general election, said: Honesty and the rule of law.

“The voters sent a clear message: their sacrifice is treated with contempt and will not vote for the Conservatives while it is true.”

Bob Neil, the respected chairman of the Commons Judiciary Committee, said: Wise leaders never take it for granted. “

One senior Tory summarized the party’s plight as “no change, no chance,” adding: Please change the direction. “

Tory Rep. Alicia Kerns said it would be “wrong” to dismiss the results of the by-elections.

(PA media)

The second minister called for Johnson to be defeated, as Johnson prioritized “his own personal interests and ambitions” over the party and the country.

“The Conservatives know exactly where Boris’ leadership is taking us, and it’s very intriguing that seniors are willing to stand up and be counted,” the former minister said. ..

“When all this is over, the party will not forget those who have kept him in power for the rest of his time.”

And veteran Sir Roger Gale pointed out that the Prime Minister was abroad, saying, “He denies the reality of what’s happening in the country and doesn’t seem to be in contact.”

Tory rebels are planning to take control of the 1922 Backbencher Commission in next month’s elections, as the Prime Minister has been abroad for eight days.

Sir Roger Gale said the Prime Minister did not mention what was happening at home

(Screen grab)

They then forced a change in the rules, allowing another distrust resolution by members of the party’s parliament, and sought to raise standards to prevent another challenge for the 12 months to June next year.

If the urgent and derogatory investigation into whether Johnson lied to Congress over the 10th Party is terrible, another vote could take place in the fall.

Another Johnson critic, Andrew Bridgen, said many Tory who supported the prime minister in this month’s distrust resolution “reflected the buyer” and “regretted the decision.”

The MP called for a new vote and told Sky News: “It’s what Boris Johnson did for Theresa May to change the rules of the 1922 Commission, or even threaten it.”

In a statement from Rwanda, the Prime Minister said, “I want to continue to change and reform our system and economy,” not that he “is claimed to have done the wrong thing.” Insisted that he would like to hear about his policy.

If the BBC admitted that he had “personally contributed” to the defeat of the by-elections, he simply said, “I have to take responsibility for everything that happens on my watch.”

When asked what would cause him to resign, Johnson pointed out the Cabinet’s decision to “abandon” Ukraine’s fight against Russia’s aggression, but it is very unlikely to accept it.

“I accept that I lost a very important argument and I go, but I don’t know,” he admitted.

He received “100% support” from Foreign Minister Liz Truss, who claimed that the Cabinet still supported the Prime Minister and that “the incumbent government often loses by-elections.”



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