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Tory rebels ready to act ‘lightning fast’ to remove Boris Johnson if he is found guilty of lying to Commons

Tory rebels are preparing a “lightning strike” to eliminate Boris Johnson if a powerful Commons Commission finds Boris Johnson lying to Congress over the party gates. ..

Predicted because Johnson argued that he would not give up the “privilege” of being prime minister, and that the previous vote, in which 40% of parliamentarians voted to dismiss him, corresponded to a “new mission” to lead. Was done.

But despite Mr Johnson’s bullishness, the former minister said Independent He did not believe that fellow MPs would allow the Prime Minister to lead them to the next election.

“Do you want to dive deep into the gutter?” He asked. “How much do you want the Conservatives to get worse?

“After two elections, half of the major opposition candidates don’t want their leaders in the next election, and they don’t want their leaders on the leaflet.”

The defeat of the by-elections at Wakefield, Tiberton and Honiton last week triggered a request for a second vote on Mr Johnson’s leadership, with some Tory lawmakers Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Commission. I understand that I have resubmitted the letter of distrust to the Lord.

Rebels allow early re-execution by shortening the 12-month grace period given to Johnson after he secured his position in a vote of 211-148 on June 6. We are calling for changes to the rules of the Commission.

But the former minister said it would be better to end Johnson cleanly than to risk another vote that could allow him to survive again.

He said that only backbenchers were allowed to vote for 22-year executives in next month’s elections, and the body will soon have a majority of members enthusiastic about dispatching the prime minister. ..

But he warned:

“When that happens, it must be super fast and his position must be an irreparable moment.”

He said it is likely that the time will come when a report from the Privileges Commission, chaired by veteran Labor lawmaker Harriet Harman, is expected to be released in early fall.

Despite pressure on the Commission’s majority of Conservatives to dismiss the prime minister, Johnson said that all social distance rules were complied with at number 10, when Johnson said parliament. It was difficult to know how their findings would be useful, other than confirming that they had misunderstood. ..

If the Prime Minister tries to stick to “when 22 years act, it is when the rules change and he goes out,” contrary to the practice of suggesting automatic resignation.

Comments were made during growing ministerial calls to follow the government post and Oliver Dowden, who resigned as Tory chairman after being defeated in a devastating by-election.

Tory’s senior lawmaker William Wragg, Johnson’s main critic, “showed a little backbone” and called on the prime minister to take action.

There was an “obvious” disappointment in the minister’s silence backbench, Wragg said.

“Anyone who wants leadership may want to consider this and do something,” he told BBC Radio 4. Westminster Hour..

“It’s no secret that many people in the cabinet are launching potential leadership campaigns,” said Damian Green, a backbench critic.

A former Tory minister told Channel 4:

The prime minister argued that his leadership questions were “solved” by this month’s distrust resolution.

When asked if he considered leaving address 10 at the G7 Summit in Germany, Johnson told the BBC:

“It’s a huge privilege. No one gives up such a privilege.”

Johnson angered critics over the weekend, suggesting that he would remain until the 2030s, arguing whether he still had the initiative, and replied: It’s a really nice party. “

Environment Secretary George Eustis argued that the rest of the cabinet would continue to support leaders.

“We have the Prime Minister’s support, the Prime Minister has our support, we are working together and overcoming difficult times,” he told Sky News.



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