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Trump news – latest: Confusion as ex-president appears to endorse multiple ‘Erics’ in Missouri

Trump ‘refused to call off’ attack on Capitol during Jan. 6 riots, US representative says

Former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of “Eric” in the Republican primary to replace outgoing Senator Roy Brandt sparked controversy among party members.

The race has two Republican frontrunners named Eric. Former Governor Eric Graitens and State Attorney General Eric Schmidt. Both seem to think they have Mr. Trump’s endorsement.

There is also a third Republican candidate named Eric McElroy in the Republican primary ballot.

“I appreciate the support of President Trump,” Schmidt said on Twitter.

But Greitens also announced that he was “honored to have President Trump’s endorsement.” “Just had a great call with President Trump and thank you for his support! Together we will do MAGA and Save America,” he added.

Meanwhile, Jan. 6 rioter Guy Refitt, who was convicted of five felonies earlier this year, was sentenced on Monday to the longest sentence ever handed out to a participant in the Capitol riot. was

Riffitt was the first indicted Capitol mobster to be tried before a jury after pleading not guilty.


After heavy criticism, Trump lashes out at ‘weak’ Arizona GOP Speaker

Former President Donald Trump has denounced Arizona’s State Capitol Speaker Rusty Bowers after repeatedly blaming him.

The former president this week criticized Bowers on his social media platform Truth Social and called on Republican primary voters to vote for him in the Republican primary.

“Remember Arizona, the so-called ‘Speaker’ Rusty (appropriate name because he’s a Rusty, just as steel rusts and weakens) Bowers is absolutely awful,” Trump said.

“He is ‘weak’ and wrong on all counts, including your horrible open borders and pathetic election ‘tally’. Vote for him!


Marjorie Taylor Green says she’s ‘honored’ to join Trump in 2024 presidential election

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green has publicly expressed her support for the idea that she could ride in Donald Trump’s potential bid for the 2024 presidential election, vowing to become his vice president. He said he was “honored” to run with him as a candidate.

“If he asks me out, I definitely think I’d strongly consider it,” she said last week in an interview with America’s Real Voices about her interest in being the running mate of the president, who was twice impeached by the host. was asked if there was

“I love President Trump. emphasized the

Johanna Chisholm has more.


Guy Refitt’s daughter says Trump ‘deserves life in prison’

The daughter of a man jailed for involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots said former President Donald Trump “deserves life in prison.”

Guy Refitt received the longest riot-related sentence ever, and a federal judge sentenced him to more than seven years in prison after convicting him on five counts.

Peyton Refitt said outside a Washington, D.C. courthouse, “If my father is in prison this long, Trump deserves life in prison.


Watch Eric Greitens’ bizarre and violent anti-RINO ad

Missouri Senator Candidate Eric Greitens is controversial for many reasons, and he recently doubled down on public perception of him with a brace in an ad that showed him with a group of armed “military forces” hunting down political opponents. I was allowed to.

Former Missouri Governor Eric Gritens Posts Home Breaking Ads

Greitens has been vocal in defending his ad campaign, even though the first ad campaign was removed by Facebook for violating the platform’s “policies against violence and incitement.” Twitter also blocked users from sharing it.

Click here for details Gustav Kirandel.


Election deniers seek to seize control of key positions

Ichimi: With the shadow of the 2020 elections continuing to cast a shadow over the 2022 mid-cycle, November could turn into a key referendum on whether the 2020 conspiracy theories will affect the general public. There is a nature.

Candidates who support the conspiracy theory have openly run for office in several states, including battleground states such as Michigan and Nevada.

Associated Press Dive into the spread of election intrigue through the Republican 2022 bench and whether to turn voters off in November.


Trump Jr. shares supportive tweets for Eric Greitens amid chaos

Donald Trump’s eldest son retweeted former Mussoorie Governor Eric Greitens’ tweet to thank the former president for his support amid the ongoing turmoil.

Trump has announced that he will endorse Senator “Eric” to replace retired Senator Roy Brandt.

The race has two Republican frontrunners named Eric. Former Governor Eric Graitens and State Attorney General Eric Schmidt. Both seem to think they have Mr. Trump’s endorsement.

There is also a third Republican candidate named Eric McElroy. Graytens tweeted on Monday. Let’s save America together with MAGA! ”

In a subsequent tweet, he added: From the beginning, I was a true MAGA champion fighting under the auspices of the RINO establishment. [Eric] Schmidt. ”

“President Trump said it best when he characterized Schmidt’s campaign as ‘great dishonesty in politics.

Four of his tweets related to lines of support were retweeted by Donald Trump Jr. on Monday.


What if the Jan. 6 Commission filed criminal charges against Mr. Trump?

Ichimi: The House Select Committee that conducted the Jan. 6 investigation last week moved to provide the transcripts of interviews with witnesses to the Justice Department, asking what that might mean and how the Justice Department will release information at a faster pace. again raised expectations about whether to encourage people to take action.

Although the commission does not have the power to prosecute anyone with criminal charges, the evidence found so far was most likely either used by Justice Department investigators or collected separately.

So what happens when the commission takes the unprecedented step of recommending indictment against the former president?


Nancy Pelosi arrives in Malaysia following reports of Taiwan visit

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Malaysia on Tuesday for the second leg of her Asia tour clouded by a planned stop in Taiwan that could heighten tensions with Beijing.

The plane carrying Pelosi and the delegation landed at the air force base under heavy security, according to the state-run Bernama news agency.

Although no official announcement has been made, local Taiwanese media reported that Pelosi will arrive in Taipei on Tuesday night to become the highest-ranking U.S. official elected in more than 25 years.


Joe Scarborough: Trump is a ‘evil man’

Ichimi: MSNBC host Morning Joe Taken down by Donald Trump on Monday as the former president continues to subvert WNBA star Britney Griner and the Biden administration’s supposed plan to secure her release from a Russian prison .

Former Congressman Joe Scarborough said the criticism was more proof that Donald Trump was a “terrible” person at heart.

“This shows once again what a horrible man this is and what a vicious human being this is. How cruel. I can’t help but wonder if she’s saying that because she’s a black basketball player.” said.

Read more and watch the clip Independent:


Endorsed candidate Tim Michels refuses to commit to endorse Trump in 2024 race

Donald Trump’s nominee for governor, Tim Michels, said he would not endorse the former president in the 2024 election.

Michels, the billionaire co-owner of Brownsville-based construction firm Michels Inc., said at the Town Hall Candidate Forum in Milwaukee, along with the top two opponents in the Republican primary, Trump. I kept my distance from Mr.

“We will look at all the evidence, look at everything and make the right decision,” Michels said when asked if she would sign a bill to decertify election results.



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